I’ve become smitten with Aberdovey, or Aberdyfi, in recent months. It’s a place that arrived late on my radar – but if you’ve never visited, you’re in for a treat.

It’s beautiful. Stunning even.

The seafront has clusters of multicoloured Victorian homes overlooking a splendid beach, which rightly draws crowds in summer, and is no slouch in autumn.

Coming from Bolton, I’m no stranger to hills – Winter Hill and Rivington Pike are wonderful – but in Aberdovey, the mountains of Snowdonia slope down to the sea; something we don’t have in Lancashire.

Despite its beauty, Aberdovey is a small place with a population of under 1500 and therein lies part of its charms. It feels like stepping back in time and its beauty is reflected in high property prices. Expect to pay over £300,000 for an elevated view of the Dovey estuary, with prices rising to almost £800,000 for larger homes

Consequently, I’ve found that there’s regular demand for my building services locally and with scenery like this, I’m always happy to oblige!

So how can I help you out in Aberdovey or in my native town of Bolton?

  1. Extensions. If you’re in a place you love, it makes sense to stay and improve not move. When you factor in the costs of stamp duty, conveyancing and estate agency fees, it can be better to create a single or two storey extension.
  2. Conversion. Just I’ve become a convert to Aberdyfi, I can help you with change of use of say a loft or a garage.  Just get in touch to find out more.
  3. General building work. That old cliché of “no job is too small” is true with us. If you look closely at my Facebook page, you’ll see the general building work I carry out, taking pride in everything we do. I can help you with this in Lancashire or around Aberdovey.

Want to know more?

Give me a call on 01204 602608 or 07814 919252